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01. Songs and Dances of the First Peoples Tribal Treks Canada, USA
01. The Downward Spiral Slavery and the Making of America Canada
01. The Genius - Albert Einstein Mentors (Season 1) USA, Canada
01. The Human Fingerprint Great Warming USA, Canada
01. Video Cameras, Dog Food, Radiance Makeup and Getting a Discount Shopping Bags USA, Canada
01. When Things Don’t Go My Way More Life Lessons Canada
01. Why Do Tornadoes Do So Much Damage? Heads Up! series 3 Canada
01. Women in Natural Resources Venturing Forth - Series 5 USA, Canada
01.: 1300 - 1819 Turning Points in Physical Science Canada
02. Age of Uncertainty Great Warming USA, Canada
02. Agriculture: Iroquois Cranberry Growers and Inkameep Vinyards Venturing Forth - Series 1 USA, Canada
02. Bison: Beyond the Great River Wild Encounters USA, Canada
02. Cars Did You Ever Wonder? Canada
02. Eardrum-Hum: Exploring the Health of Hearing Listening to Learn Canada
02. Fight for Change Make Some Noise Canada, USA
02. Five Principles to High Performance Gift of Self-Esteem USA, Canada
02. Follow the Leader: Youth in Politics Venturing Forth - Series 4 USA, Canada
02. Forestry and Aboriginal Communities Venturing Forth - Series 5 USA, Canada
02. Forestry: Eel Ground First Nation, Homalco First Nation and Blind River Venturing Forth - Series 2 USA, Canada
02. Hey! That’s Not Fair More Life Lessons Canada
02. How Big Is The Earth? Heads Up! series 2 Canada
02. In Search of the Spirit Bear Tribal Treks Canada, USA
02. L’île des rois (Island of the Kings) Trésors de la Faune (Treasures of the Wild) USA, Canada
02. Learn West and You'll Know the Rest All About Directions Canada
02. Liberty in the Air Slavery and the Making of America Canada