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Wild Encounters

Country Available: Canada, USA
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    Albert Karvonen, naturalist, educator and cinematographer, has a passion for telling the stories of nature. In this series, Karvonen focuses on thirteen charismatic creatures with fascinating life histories. Learn about their predator/prey relationships, mating and rearing young. How do these animals survive in their harsh environment? Have they adapted themselves, or altered their habitats? The answers to these and many other questions are in Karvonen’s clear, concise narration and rare footage in Wild Encounters.

    The following titles are available in French and Spanish:

    • Below the Jagged Peaks
    • Bison: Beyond the Great River
    • Caribou: Ghost of the North
    • Cougar: Elusive Predator
    • Grizzly: Monarch of the Wilderness
    • Moose: Antlered Giant
    • Mountain Goat: Lord of the High Country
    • Tale of the Beaver
    • Wolves and Wapiti
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  • Primary (K-6)
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  • Subjects: Science and Nature Formats Available:
  • VHS Tape
  • Title Availability
     01. Below the Jagged Peaks  USA, Canada
     02. Bison: Beyond the Great River   USA, Canada
     03. Caribou: Ghost of the North   USA, Canada
     04. Cougar: Elusive Predator  USA, Canada
     05. Coyote: Prairie Survivor  USA, Canada
     06. Fish Raptors: Bald Eagle & Osprey  USA, Canada
     07. Grizzly: Monarch of the Wilderness  USA, Canada
     08. Moose: Antlered Giant   USA, Canada
     09. Mountain Goat: Lord of the High Country  USA, Canada
     10. Polar Bear: Waiting for the Ice  USA, Canada
     11. Tale of the Beaver  USA, Canada
     12. Wolves & Wapiti  USA, Canada
     13. World of Weasels  USA, Canada