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Naturally Nature

Country Available: Canada
This fascinating series for the primary grades, combines fun with introductory science. The settings where children naturally play (ponds, sandboxes, trees etc.)are the backdrop for the first explorations of natural science. This series develops an awareness in children that science is everywhere and is fun to discover. View a printer friendly version of this page...Copyright Date: 1999 Library Audience:
  • Children
  • Family
  • General Interest
  • School Audience:
  • Primary (K-6)
  • Subjects: Science and Nature Formats Available:
  • VHS Tape
  • Title Availability
     01. Dirt: Nature’s Sandbox  Canada
     02. Trees: Nature’s Coolers  Canada
     03. Ponds: Nature’s Aquarium  Canada
     04. Clouds: Nature’s Sprinklers  Canada