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Art of the Netherlands (DVD), The

Country Available: Canada
The Art of the Netherlands "Shot on location in Amsterdam, the sampled Rembrandt, from a six-part artist series, introduces the life and works of the Dutch master (1606-69). Although little is known of Rembrandt's childhood, an early painting, created at age 19, shows evidence of his remarkable talent. As cameras pan various Rembrandt paintings, art historians, scholars, and voice-over narration discuss the artist's painting style and other aspects. Representative artwork includes Bible-inspired etchings, landscape paintings, and self- and family portraits that reflect Rembrandt's personal life. Ultimately, the painter's reckless spending habits and tragic family deaths left him lonely and bankrupt. Others in this insightful series introduce Brueghel, Vermeer, van Dyck, Reubens, and Bosch. Excellent choices for high school and college art students and public library patrons. The DVD version contains chapter breaks." - Booklist

These are the stories of men of genius whose work has captivated and thrilled generations of people all over the world. Art of the Netherlands is an authoritative new series which chronicles the life, times and work of true masters of the art world. Informative yet entertaining, the series of six programs highlights important events in each artist's life and explores their stylistic trademarks, while providing detailed explanations of the techniques which sealed their reputations.

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     DVD 1: Bosch, Bruegel  Canada
     DVD 2: Reubens, Van Dyck  Canada
     DVD 3: Rembrandt, Vermeer  Canada