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Body Atlas DVD

Country Available: Canada
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"Miniature, internal cameras, X-Ray and heat-sensitive images reveal the complexities of the human body in this 13-part series." - Booklist

This is not fiction. Now we can actually probe within the living body, using miniature cameras and endoscopy, ultrasound and X-ray tomography. This amazing investigation is an invaluable teaching tool. See the links between the inside and outside workings of the body and the complex coordination required to do everyday tasks. From the Learning Channel, the series is a rare opportunity to bring the study of anatomy alive.

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  • Grades 8 to Post-Secondary
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     Body Atlas DVD 1: In the Womb, Glands and Hormones  Canada
     Body Atlas DVD 2: Muscle and Bone, Breath of Life  Canada
     Body Atlas DVD 3: Skin, The Food Machine, Taste and Smell  Canada
     Body Atlas DVD 4: Visual Reality, Defend and Repair, Sex  Canada
     Body Atlas DVD 5: The Human Pump, Now Hear This, The Brain  Canada