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Classical European Composers (DVD)

Country Available: Canada
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"Compelling musical performances are the highlight of this exceptional series. Each volume relates the story of the life of the man, the musician, the time in which he lived, his family life, and his professional development and fortunes. Especially important is the emphasis on the effect the composer’s work had on the development of musical forms, styles, compositions, and other composers. Sketches of people and places important in the composers’ lives as well as video footage of cities such as Vienna (with details such as men on horseback in period costume) enhance the feeling that we are really getting a glimpse into the composer’s world. Kate Harper narrates with a rich sensitivity...The most outstanding feature of the series is the music, performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, the Regency Chamber Orchestra, the Stratford-Upon-Avon Chamber Choir, and others. An extensive selection of excerpts is performed for each composer, giving students a real sense of the body of work. Some pieces are performed by musicians in period costume, while others are played in magnificent churches...A worthwhile addition to any collection needing basic yet comprehensive coverage of these composers." - School Library Journal, September 2001

Classical European Composers is a new biography series exploring the lives, works and influences of the world’s greatest European composers.

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     DVD 1: Bach, Mozart  Canada
     DVD 2: Handel, Haydn  Canada
     DVD 3: Beethoven, Vivaldi  Canada