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Thoth DVD

Country Available: Canada
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Winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary, 2002

Thoth will open the mind and soul and inspire us all to Imagine...

The violin music starts out softly, wafting its way through the ancient arches of the tunnel at Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain, its rapturous voice filling the autumn air with its eerie strains. People stop, people stare, people gather around the cavernous space as the music beckons them to enter. Who is playing this mysterious, mesmerizing tune that has stopped everyone in their tracks? Is it an angel? Is it of this world or the next?

As if in answer, Thoth spins out of the shadows, his gold loin cloth and chains glittering in the last rays of the afternoon sun, his feet pounding out a rhythmic tattoo like a heartbeat. He is a fixture at the fountain where he has been performing his “soloperas” since 1999. Thoth, a self described “prayer-formance” artist, travels the globe with his message. His aim: to initiate a healing process for humanity.

Because of his ethnic background - his father was a Russian Jew and his mother was an African American from Barbados - Thoth grew up in a world of alienation and discrimination where, as he says, “hatred was hurled at me.” It was his music and his message that kept his soul kindled. He ultimately found solace by creating Felstad, a mythological land with it’s own language where all genders, races and cultures live in harmony.

In his “solopera,” inspired by Felstad, Thoth is the composer, the orchestra, the characters and the dancers. “It draws from every center of my being,” he says. “It is part vocalization, parable, aerobics, monologue, alchemy, theatre, puzzle language deconstruction, healing ritual and sacred dance.” It is clear that, like many artists, Thoth’s courageous faith in his vision and art is intricately entwined with his ultimate faith in the good of humanity. Like us all, he is unique, vulnerable and powerful.

Shown to school audiences, Thoth will inspire acceptance for all manifestations of humanity and celebrate the creativity and power deep within us all. Excellent for Multicultural Studies, Performing Arts, Language Arts, Film Studies.

As part of a public library collection, Thoth will offer patrons entry into a rapturous world created from adversity, encouraging everyone to Imagine...

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  • Secondary (9-12)
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