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History's Turning Points II DVD

Country Available: Canada
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Now available on DVD the best selling series. Thirteen journeys into moments in time that changed the course of history. These docu-dramas, with dramatizations carried out at the actual sites of the events and some newly released historical footage, provide perspectives of these events that only visual interpretations of the latest in historical research can provide.Fly with the Wright Brothers, storm the Bastille, learn how television was created and what it meant to the war in Vietnam. All these things and more, in the educational hit series History's Turning Points II.

Series of 13 programs (25:00 minutes each) on 5 DVD’s; Running time varies per DVD.

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  • Young Adult
  • Adult
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  • Grade 8 to Adult
  • Subjects: Social Studies, History Formats Available:
  • DVD
  • Title Availability
     DVD 1 (The Plot to Kill Hitler, Revolution in Paris)  Canada
     DVD 2 (Search for Troy, The Television Explosion)  Canada
     DVD 3 (The Rise of the Mob, The Shot that Started the Great War, The Spanish Armada)  Canada
     DVD 4 (The Incredible March, The Battle of Britain, The First Flight)  Canada
     DVD 5 (Napoleon Invades Russia, Crisis in Korea, The Battle for Vietnam)  Canada