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Triumph of the Nerds (DVD)

Country Available: Canada
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  • "Bob Cringley hosts this terrific three-part video history of the computer industry. More than a pedestrian history of the industry, this compelling program contains animated segments, promotional clips, archival footage, and intriguingly honest interviews with wealthy industry nerds (Gates, Wozniak, Jobs, etc.). With computers being such a pervasive presence in society, this fascinating set holds wide appeal even for computer illiterates." - Booklist

    The heroes of the Personal Computer Revolution are not the brisk military sort, nor the buttoned-down business executives that any banker would love to see walk in the door. What they are is brash and funny, sometimes visionary, but still, well, nerds.

    When this three-part series aired on PBS, it received enormous attention and praise. It tells the human history behind the most far-reaching technological innovation in our lifetime - the unleashing of computing power to every person. And it tells it with the help of the most celebrated names in computing.

    The series is written and presented by Bob Cringely, a writer well-known in computer circles. He captures the personal version of how it all happened from interviews with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and a cast of colorful, generally awkward but highly amusing, er, geeks.

    Series of 3 programs (55:00 minutes each) on 1 DVD (165:00 minutes)

    Great Artists Steal
    Xerox PARC - a user-friendly technology - is adapted by Steve Jobs for the Macintosh. Then Jobs is fired by the man he hired. Now Windows 95 brings the Graphical User Interface to make PC’s more friendly, and in the process makes Bill Gates the richest man in the world.

    Riding the Bear
    The IBM PC hits the business world and the suits meet the nerds. Then clones invade the market. A tiny software company called Microsoft tries to cooperate with IBM, then competes with them.

    Impressing their Friends
    They did it because they were geniuses, they did it because they were addicted to the mental challenge, but mostly they just invented personal computing to impress their friends. From the Homebrew Computer Club and the first PC - the Altair 8800 - they went from being hobbyists to holding court to IBM.

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