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World in Claire's Classroom, The

Country Available: Canada, USA
What can a classroom of first and second graders in the whitest state in the union teach us about respecting diversity and building community? The World in Claire’s Classroom documents a veteran public school teacher and her class over the course of a year, with a focus on the children’s sustained, in-depth study of another culture. Within this deep and textured exploration she continually focuses the children’s attention back on themselves in relationship to each other, their local community, and world.

The film gives the viewer and intimate portrait of this teacher, her creative, community-oriented classroom and academically rich curriculum, which integrates math, literacy, the arts, cultural competency and conflict resolution. This exceptional documentary captures a genuine, unselfconscious learning experience. It is joyful, provoking and moving. “A most impressive, and moving, demonstration of how a white teacher in a white community can give her children a truly multicultural education." Courtney B. Cazden, Harvard Graduate School of Education

“If you want to know how the basic skills: reading, writing, speaking well, computing and problem solving can be taught in a multi-age, open classroom, see this film. If you want to know how to work with parents and strengthen the ties between school and community, see this film. If you want to look at a model of integrated, multi-cultural curriculum, you will find it here. If you want to know how we can teach character building, values and respect to children, without preaching, watch this teacher in action. I can see a hundred such uses for teacher training programs.” Heidi Watts, Faculty Emerita, Education DepartmentAntioch New England Graduate SchoolKeene, NH

“Teachers in other classrooms with 35 students speaking seven languages might watch Oglesby’s 22 white students and reject this work. But they should look carefully and study Oglesby’s concern for each individual child, her ability to build their self-esteem and her success at helping them realize that the world offers a wealth of exciting experiences if they respect differences. Recommended for all education collections.”Library Journal

“...Claire is the teacher we all should have had, the one we wish upon our children - even-keeled, nurturing, humorous, determined, creative, and spectacularly committed after 45 years in the primary school trenches. What we witness is a classroom full of innovation, liveliness, and love...Recommended for public libraries and academic collections serving teaching programs.”Video Librarian

“For teacher educators, this video is worth a hundred texts, and that’s much more that a thousand words.” Charlie Rathbone, Associate Professor College of Education and Social ServicesUniversity of Vermont

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