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Lives Worth Living

Country Available: Canada, USA
The sexual exploitation of children through prostitution is becoming an alarming problem in communities throughout Canada. This video addresses the issue of recruitment of children (sometimes as young as 8 years old) into prostitution. Coercion by family members, attendant violence, substance abuse and addictions, the likelihood of being infected with STDs, the emotional challenges and the possibility of suicide are all addressed in this video which features young people who have survived and found the strength to resist. Social workers and Aboriginal elders give further perspectives. View a printer friendly version of this page...Copyright Date: 2002 Length: 17 minutes Library Audience:
  • Young Adult
  • School Audience:
  • Grades 6 - 10
  • Subjects:
  • Native North American Studies
  • Canadian Studies
  • Formats Available:
  • VHS Tape
  • DVD