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Sheldon: A Story of Human Courage

Country Available: Canada, USA
"At 15 in the hockey world, it's a tough thing to do, to say a man has touched you or made sexual moves on you. You don't want to wreck your dreams." --Sheldon Kennedy

It was the story that broke a nation's heart. On the ice, Sheldon Kennedy was a multi-talented hockey player who had made it to the NHL. But Kennedy had paid a terrible price. He had been abused by his hockey coach from age 14 - 19.

This film examines those years, how it happened, why Sheldon did not disclose the abuse, how he struggled to cope and how he finally exposed - and prosecuted his former coach.

We see the dangers of sexual abuse and how pedophiles use their authority and control to take advantage of children.

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  • Grades 9 - 12
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