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Sweetness in Life: An Aboriginal Diabetes Series

Country Available: Canada, USA

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It has been said by an elder that the reason why Aboriginal people suffer gravely from diabetes is because we have lost the "sweetness in life." In essence, the Aboriginal way of life - eating off the land, getting in touch with the environmental, physical, mental and spiritual elements of life and looking after our bodies - has been lost. The elder went on to say that, "once we have found the sweetness in life, the diabetes will leave us." Sweetness in Life is a 13-part series to assist Aboriginal people to understand, prevent and cope with diabetes. Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions among Aboriginal peoples in both rural and urban environments. 1 in 4 is at high risk of getting Type Two Diabetes.

The Sweetness in Life series features knowledgeable and enthusiastic hosts, healthy eating, physical activities, community profiles, interviews with elders, role models, health practitioners and other fascinating people from across the country!

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  • Native North American Peoples
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  • Grades 9 - 12
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  • Native North American Studies
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