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Saturn's Eyes: Taking the Planet's Pulse

Country Available: Canada, USA
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At no time in human history has our vision beheld so much. From the micro recesses of sub-atomic particles to the macro reaches of our galaxy. But no discovery will effect humanity more than turning the optics upon ourselves. "Saturn's Eyes: Taking The Planet's Pulse" is how earth observation satellites have become orbital stethoscopes, monitoring the very health of our planet.

In the short span of fifty years, we have gone from only one lone satellite named Sputnik overhead, while today there are over 2700 orbiting our planet. From the GPS locator in a hiker's backpack, to tracking caribou across the Arctic, finding stolen Cadillac's in Los Angeles, fighting a war in Iraq, or chasing Bin Laden in Afghanistan: satellites have become an intricate part of the politics, science and
even the survival of the earth.

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