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Burt Wolf: What We Eat (DVD)

Country Available: Canada
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Christopher Columbus linked the Old World and the New. In the ten years between his first voyage in 1492 and his last in 1502, new forces totally changed the course of history. Millions of people moved from one continent to another. Governments changed and religions, language and culture were exported, but surprisingly, the most significant influence was not that of politics or religion, but the exchange of plants and animals between two worlds. What were known as the Old World and the New World were, in fact, two old worlds. Columbus introduced the two old worlds and created a new world. The exchange of plants and animals altered the way people ate and that transformed the planet.

This series examines the explorations of Columbus and how they continue to affect our lives in ways we might never imagine.

Length: 13 x 30:00 minutes on 4 DVDs.

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     DVD 1: What We Eat: Old World Influence  Canada
     DVD 2: African Influence  Canada
     DVD 3: Native North American Influence  Canada
     DVD 4: Spanish Influence and Overview  Canada