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Nude in Art, The (DVD)

Country Available: Canada
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“Continuing Tim Marlows’ thoughtful history of the nude in art with a trip to Florence and a quick study of the Renaissance. It's basic stuff but not stupid and it's a joy to see a program on art that is both intelligent and intelligible. Marlow has talent, which helps.” -Time Out

If there is one genre of art that seems to have played a greater role than any other, it is the nude. For at least 30,000 years, humans have represented the naked form in a variety of ways. From the ideal to the real, the Romantic to the Surrealist, there has been almost no end of works devoted to the unclothed human body. This series---presented by writer and broadcaster Tim Marlow – will examine those artworks, the societies that produced them and the artists that made them.

DVD is extremely important to the visual arts, as there is no other digital medium capable of containing un-compromised imagery of the resolution and magnitude that is required.

Set of 2 DVDs (four programs), also available on VHS.

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