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Oscar Peterson: Keeping the Groove Alive

Country Available: Canada, USA
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“… a glorious riff through the golden age of jazz.”

Perfectionist, practical joker, and one of the all-time greatest exponents of jazz, Oscar Peterson is unlike any music legend that ever was or ever will be. Dubbed the “Maharajah of Piano” by Duke Ellington, his utter dedication to music for the past seven decades has taken him to the pinnacle of international success and to the depths of emotional despair.

Narrated by celebrated actor Christopher Plummer, Oscar Peterson: Keeping the Groove Alive reveals the man behind the legend, featuring compelling interviews with Diana Krall, Herbie Hancock, Phil Nimmons and many more. Peterson’s drive to perfection was nurtured early by a determined father who exhorted his son to be “the best jazz pianist ever.” That drive would take young Oscar from the dancehalls of Montreal to the concert halls of the world.

In candid interviews, Peterson talks about his life and times as one of Canada’s greatest jazz musicians. At 78, Oscar Peterson is still performing… still keeping the groove alive.

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