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Great Warming, The

Country Available: Canada, USA
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We are living at the dawn of a new epoch - an era of changing climate, erratic weather and social calamities that could change our way of life forever.   Year by year, degree by degree, earth is growing warmer... a legacy of the Industrial Revolution, population growth, and our addiction to technology, speed and power.   Just as the other generations spoke of a Great Plague and a Great Depression, our children may be compelled to endure a Great Warming and may have to find a way to conquer the consequences.  

Filmed in eight countries on four continents, endorsed by dozens of the world's leading scientists, The Great Warming is the most factually accurate presentation of current scientific theories and is a visually stunning production about a complex and fascinating subject.  

“In a couple of hundred years people will look back at us, as we look back at the bronze Age and the Stone Age, and we’ll be called the Fossil Fuel Age.”

Narrated by: Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves


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Church/Synagogue Version
Extended Theatrical Version
National Wildlife Version

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     01. The Human Fingerprint  USA, Canada
     02. Age of Uncertainty  USA, Canada
     03. Our Children's Planet  USA, Canada