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Industry, The

Country Available: Canada, USA
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The Industry is a four part series that explores the nature of today's Music industry. Aaron Lines, from Fort McMurray Alberta, has what it takes to be a star: musical ability, a soft but sure magnetism; unswerving perseverance; as well as physical and emotional stamina.   This series follows Aaron from the initial signing with a major record company through the production of his debut CD to the creation of his public image and his breakout tour. Interviews with record company executives, publicists, media consultants and stars like Faith Hill, along with clips of performances and promotional tours present the broad scope of information needed to get the complete picture.

Produced and directed by award winning filmmaker, Lars Lehmann and written by Grammy award winning musicologist, Rob Bowman, this series shows and tells all that any hopeful music star needs to know, and reveals the deepest details of the workings of today's corporate music industry.

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  • Grades 9 - 12
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     1. Signing, The  USA, Canada
     2. Studio, The  USA, Canada
     3. Publicity Machine, The  USA, Canada
     4. Big Debut, The  USA, Canada