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Smarter Than the Rest of Us

Country Available: Canada, USA

From Mozart to Smart Semen, from magnets to chess, Smarter Than the Rest of Us reveals the secrets to a higher IQ.

At a time when genetic manipulation is becoming a reality, Smarter Than the Rest Of Us asks the most basic of questions: Why are some people smarter than others?  And, what can we do to make ourselves, or our children, smarter?

This insightful documentary looks at the building blocks for intelligence and how they can be used to make people smarter.  It examines the remains of Albert Einstein’s brain and features Dominic O’Brien, eight-time world memory champion, who currently holds the record for memorizing 54 decks of cards and recalling them in sequence – that’s 2,808 individual playing cards. 

This documentary presents many paths to higher intelligence. We look at Professor Marian Diamond's formula for making smarter children. Also presented is the province of Quebec, which went in ten years, from the worst in Canadian math results to the best - thanks to Chess.  New research into Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, using magnets to increase brain power, shows that reaction time can be improved dramatically by sending magnetic current to various parts of the brain.  The film also introduces us to the world’s smartest person, who adds a little wisdom to our discoveries.

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  • Grades 8 - 12
  • Post-Secondary Education
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  • Health Studies
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