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09. Fur Trade, The: Dying Tradition or Modern Revival?

Country Available: Canada, USA

For centuries, Canadian aboriginals relied on fur-bearing animals for food, clothing and shelter. Hunting and trapping was a way of life, intrinsic to cultural identity. Some believe the move away from the land is directly linked to the loss of aboriginal languages. Yet the fur industry appears to be enjoying a mini boom. Today's young people are seeking a renewed knowledge in their traditions, including those that tie them to the land. In this Venturing Forth episode we take our cameras to the community of Fort Chipewyan in Northern Alberta-where the Northwest and Hudson's Bay companies established trading posts in the early colonization years-and look at how they have evolved. Is the fur trade boom a blip on the economic radar, or a sign of something much more enduring? And how is enterprise in nearby Fort McMurray impacting the culture and livelihood of smaller communities like Fort Chipewyan?

Locations: Fort Chipewyan, Fort McMurray-Northern Alberta; Vancouver, BC.

View a printer friendly version of this page...Copyright Date: 2003 Length: 25 minutes Library Audience:
  • General Interest
  • School Audience:
  • Grades 6 - 12
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Subjects:
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Business and Marketing
  • Canadian History
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  • DVD
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