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03. Indian Enough?: The New Caste System of the Future

Country Available: Canada, USA

On-Reserve, Off-Reserve, Treaty, Metis, Status, Non-Status, Inuit, and last but not least - Bill C-31 or Reinstated Indians. What do all these titles mean for our rights as Aboriginal people? Since 1985 over 120,000 people have been reinstated under Bill C-31. The effects of that bill are just now starting to be felt, and will worsen in the near future. Certain Bands have adopted rules under Bill C-31 that will ensure that more and more people born to Registered Indians will not be entitled to be registered themselves. This means that different classes of Native people will be formed, some with more rights than others.

This episode of Venturing Forth will explore the myriad of labels imposed upon Aboriginal peoples and how those labels are affecting the youth of today, and the youth of tomorrow. We will talk with young parents about the realities of the present and of the future of their children, and their grand-children to come.

 Locations: Ottawa and Cornwall, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Edmonton, Alberta

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  • General Interest
  • School Audience:
  • Grades 6 - 12
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Subjects:
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Business and Marketing
  • Canadian History
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  • DVD
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