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12. The Road to Health

Country Available: Canada, USA

There are many issues that plague the health of First Nations people. Suicide; HIV and AIDS; diabetes; substance abuse; physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; lack of services; and lack of health education are to name just a few. All of these issues are compounded by the fact that half of the First Nations population lives in remote communities away from adequate health services. HIV and AIDS are being introduced into small communities as highways are built and travel to major centres increases. As sexual issues are often taboo in small places, sexual health and sex education are not prominent topics. In this episode of Venturing Forth, we meet a young man who is taking a first hand approach to educating other young people about the consequences of certain activities. He travels to remote communities to spread the word about sexual health, HIV and AIDS, and he does so in his own unique way while meeting with local people who are also on their way to making positive changes for themselves and their communities. Together they believe that sex education and sexual self-esteem are the way to preventing the rise of HIV and AIDS cases amongst Aboriginal youth.

 Locations: Cartwright, Newfoundland

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  • Grades 6 - 12
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  • Aboriginal Studies
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