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Venturing Forth - Series 2

Country Available: Canada, USA

Series two of Venturing Forth highlights the resource sector of the Aboriginal economy, while continuing to show the strengths of the varied business activities across the country.

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  • General Interest
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  • Grades 6 - 12
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Subjects:
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Business and Marketing
  • Canadian History
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     01. Overview: Employment & Training and Osoyoos Indian Band  USA, Canada
     02. Forestry: Eel Ground First Nation, Homalco First Nation and Blind River  USA, Canada
     03. Youth: Tina House, Cree-Tech and Brent Mazlow  USA, Canada
     04. Partnerships: Milbrook Power Centre, Denendeh Development Corporation and Sun Rivers Development  USA, Canada
     05. Women: Wickaninnish Gallery, Whitefeather and Ucluelet Baker  USA, Canada
     06. Diverse: Sixdion, Squamish Nation and Bird Feeders  USA, Canada
     07. Arts and Entertainment: Iroqrafts, Don Burnstick and White Mountain Academy  USA, Canada
     08. Leaders: Dorothy Grant and Richard Krentz  USA, Canada
     09. Natural Resources: Eagle's Nest Log Homes, Waswanipi Mill and Shehtah Drilling  USA, Canada
     10. Atlantic Canada: Membertou First Nation, Wagmatcook First Nation and St. Mary's  USA, Canada
     11. Trades and Training: Creeway Gas Bar, Six Nations Training and UBC Musqueam Traditional Cooking  USA, Canada
     12. Organizations  USA, Canada
     13. Wrap up/Summation: Aboriginal Times, Brenco Media and Highlights from Season Two  USA, Canada