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Chasing the Cure

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You've seen the headlines: "Adult stem cells provide hope for spinal cord injuries," "Bovine vaccination may prevent e-coli outbreaks," "Vancouver lab discovers gene controlling good cholesterol." Behind each headline is a team of researchers, led by a remarkable Canadian who has spent years chasing the cure.  There, researchers are looking for treatments for widespread killers-heart disease, cancer, bacterial poisoning.  In the next 20 years, their findings will change the face of medicine.  Chasing the Cure meets them at the cusp of their discoveries.

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  • Adult
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  • Grades 10 - 12
  • Post Secondary Education
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  • Health Studies
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     Dr. Brenda Gallie: Woman of Vision 
     Dr. Brett Finlay: Man Against Microbe 
     Dr. Freda Miller: Biology of Hope 
     Dr. Michael Hayden: A Passion for Discovery