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Turning Points in Physical Science

Country Available: Canada

Growing from ancient astronomical observations of 2500 years ago to the discovery of black holes in space, no human endeavor has transformed society - and defined our place in the cosmos more than the physical sciences.

What started as a kernel of knowledge about the movement of the heavenly bodies has expanded to include the atomic building blocks of all chemistry. Consider Geology's understanding of the earth's long history and the forces that have shaped our planet's features; Astronomy's picture of an ever-expanding universe, populated by billions of galaxies, each containing billions of stars; Physic's understanding of the basic principles of movement, energy and forces which have given us the technological world of cars, planes, television, computers, cell phones and the electrification of the planet.

Turning Points in Physical Science takes the science student on an exciting journey of discovery, from the ancient through to the classic sciences, to the world of modern physics, relativity, chaos theory and quantum mechanics.

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