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Discovering Wildness

Country Available: Canada, USA

From the fiercest predators on land to the hunters of the sky - these are amazing dramas of nature, both large and small. Outstanding cinematography and clear information will inspire students to “Discover Wildness” in Canada.

Programs include:

  1. Cavity Nesters: Life in a Tree
  2. Stalkers of the Sky
  3. Owls at the Northern Edge
  4. Shorebirds of the Great Plains
  5. Fish Hunters: Pelicans and Cormorants
  6. A Tale of Two Swans
  7. Bears, Bears, Bears
  8. Tale of the Fox
  9. A Squirrel’s World
  10. Heiltsuk: Search for the Wolves
  11. Pronghorn: Prairie Rocket
  12. Seadogs and Toothwalkers
  13. Mountain Sheep: Life on the Edge

13 programs, 25:00 minutes each; available on 4 DVDs.

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  • Young Adult
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  • School Audience:
  • Grades 6 - 12
  • Subjects:
  • Science and Nature
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  • DVD