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Water Under Fire

Country Available: Canada, USA

Water Under Fire
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Our quality of life is directly affected by the quality of our water. Often, Canadians take fresh water resources for granted. Scientists in the Canadian Water Network, Environment Canada and other research facilities throughout Canada have recognized that our water supply is stressed by over-allocation, contamination and environmental change. Water Under Fire visits many of these facilities and talks with the scientists who give us the current perspective on many of the challenges plaguing our nation's water.

Host Bob McDonald, with his unique presentation style, will interest viewers, while detailing important information that can apply to day-to-day living and longer term goals.

There are seven programs (28 minutes each) in the Water Under Fire series. Six of the programs focus on a specific region: The Rockies; The Prairies, The North, The Great Lakes Basin, The St. Lawrence and The Maritimes. As each region faces its particular challenges, different solutions are found and in fact may be utilized in other parts of the country. The seventh episode looks at water from a national and international perspective. Presented in this concluding program are political and economic considerations that could aggravate or simplify the solutions.

This series is available in the following formats (please call for details):

  • DVD
    • Set of 7 programs on 7 DVD disks;
    • Set of 7 programs on 2 DVD disks;
  • VHS
    • Set of 7 programs on 7 VHS tapes.
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     Episode 1: The Rockies  USA, Canada
     Episode 2: The North  USA, Canada
     Episode 3: The Prairies  USA, Canada
     Episode 4: The Great Lakes  USA, Canada
     Episode 5: The St. Lawrence  USA, Canada
     Episode 6: The Maritimes  USA, Canada
     Episode 7: The National Perspective  USA, Canada