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Gift of Self Esteem DVD 4, The

Country Available: Canada, USA
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  • This disk contains the following episodes of The Gift of Self Esteem:

    Program 10: Five Keys to Goal Setting

    Activate your positive mental energy, trigger ideas and build persistence through goal setting. Find your area of excellence, your ‘acres of diamonds’, and achieve balance in your goals.

    Length: 26:00 Minutes; Chaptered.

    Program 11: Seven Steps to Goal Achieving

    Powerful goal-achieving concepts. Clarify your goals, write them down, prioritize them, and set deadlines. Develop greater persistence and remove self-made and third-party obstacles.

    Length: 26:00 Minutes; Chaptered.

    Program 12: Developing a Success Personality

    The hallmark of a healthy personality. Observe the link between your self-esteem and the way you make others feel. Eliminate destructive criticism, listen to others, practice the Golden Rule, learn about the boomerang effect in human relationships.

    Length: 26:00 Minutes; Chaptered.

    Program 13: Parenting

    Secrets of successful parenting to build confidence, courage and self-esteem in your children. Four ways to tell your children you love them. Key points in developing high-achievers. What to do if you’ve done wrong in the past: the key to a happy family life.

    Length: 26:00 Minutes; Chaptered.

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  • Junior High (7-9)
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  • Subjects: Native North American Studies; Guidance and Health Formats Available:
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