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Golden Bridge, The

Country Available: Canada, USA

The Golden Bridge is an uplifting story about an international group of volunteer woodworkers joining forces to build one of the largest wood projects ever conceived, to cross the Kicking Horse River.  The bridge, based on a timeless 1806 design, came to symbolize the uniting of a town as it searches for a healthy and prosperous future.

Surrounded by magnificent peaks and clear mountain streams, Golden decided that a spectacular wooden bridge would serve as a perfect symbol to celebrate the towns forestry past while ushering in a new era of tourism.  The covered span would also connect two sections of town with a pedestrian link.  It took four long years of planning, paper work and public debate before construction could begin.  The people of Golden opened their hearts and homes to over 100 volunteers that come to Golden for an experience never to be forgotten.  The Golden Bridge is a compelling story of community spirit, pride, perseverance and generosity.  It is also a detailed look at building with wood, love of craft work  and the joy of work,  A joyous film, containing neither cynicism or controversial issues.  Simply a well made bridge which was well made.

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  • General Interest
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  • Grades 9 - 12
  • Post-Secondary Education
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  • Canadian History
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