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Story of George

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George is a modest and thoughtful student who is rather shy and quiet in the urban high school environment. He is also an Indian. His manner is being misinterpreted. Although he does his homework diligently, and writes poetry in his quiet home environment, he is considered by his geography teacher to be dull and unable to make it in the academic stream because he does not respond in a quick and competitive manner. He is viewed by many fellow students –and some teachers to be arrogant, and “out of place”, while at home he has a loving and respectful relationship with his mother and his aunt.

            Presented here is a classic scenario, which is generated by cultural differences. The message is clear: don’t judge an individual’s manner, capabilities or goals… without careful consideration. There may be differences at the root of that individual that cannot be completely understood… or assessed by outsiders.

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  • Education
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  • Grades 8-12
  • Post Secondary Education
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  • Teacher Education
  • Native Studies
  • Personal Growth
  • Social Studies