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Complete DVD History of U.S Wars, The: 1700-2004,

Country Available: Canada
“Actor George Kennedy hosts this comprehensive study of U.S. wars. Moving chronologically from the 1702 Queen Anne's War to the 2003 Gulf War, this ambitious four-DVD set blends a variety of visuals, including animated maps, film clips, costumed reenactments, period paintings, and location shots, with straightforward narration to examine the origins and outcomes of each conflict. Kennedy bridges each segment with commentary explaining how each war led to the subsequent war. Clearly marked chapter headings allow users to zero in on selected topics- Additional maps, timelines, and test questions can be accessed through a computer. Similar in format to Twentieth Century Turning Points in U.S. History” [BKL N 15 04], this is a useful classroom resource." - Candace Smith, BOOKLIST

* English Subtitled for the Hearing Impaired * Spanish Subtitled * 38 Downloadable Maps * 3 Downloadable Timelines
* Downloadable Historical Overview of American Weapons from the Founding of Jamestown into the 21st Century * Hi-Def Enhanced
Total Running Time: 8 x 28:00 minutes; Set of 4 DVDs: $325.00 includes public performance rights; Copyright Date: 2004
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