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Aviation Ground School - An Aviation Training Series on DVD

Country Available: Canada, USA
A user friendly, nine part series of computer animated training videos which supplement text books and aid flight school students in understanding the difficult subjects in the classroom segments of flight school instruction.

These comprehensive and affordable programs enable flight schools to designate expensive flight instructor time in a more cost effective manner.

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  • Young Adult
  • Family
  • General Interest
  • School Audience:
  • Secondary (10-12)
  • Univ./College
  • Adult Ed.
  • Subjects: Career Preparation; Technology Studies Formats Available:
  • DVD
  • Title Availability
     Disc 1 - Theory of Flight  USA, Canada
     Disc 2 - Flight Instruments  USA, Canada
     Disc 3 - Navigation  USA, Canada
     Disc 4 - Weather  USA, Canada