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The DHOBIGHAT is the world's largest outdoor laundry. Here, 4,000 members of the Dhobi caste work night and day in order to guarantee an essential service to Mumbai's (Bombay’s) 15 million inhabitants. It is extremely hard work and it is accomplished by members of this low status caste. Despite the fact that most Dhobis are illiterate, they have a highly organized, yet very low tech method of organizing the tons of laundry they clean daily. This system is marvelously efficient and the film is an intriguing example of how India’s caste system works.

What happens when the residents of Mumbai leave dirty clothes to be washed? No laundry tickets and no computers, yet they are delivered the next day, in perfect condition through an amazingly efficient system employing illiterate workers.

An exquisitely made documentary that all university and college libraries need in their collections.

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