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Victims of Victims: Fire and Water

Country Available: Canada, USA

This documentary has been revised since the original Victims of Victims.

In spite of a majority wish by both sides for peace and a two state solution, the ultra right religious minority, both Jewish and Muslim, are driving the agenda with a circle of protest and violence. Do current plans for Israel to withdraw from Gaza really change the situation?

Victims of Victims is a compelling examination of the forces driving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that has raged since the Balfour Agreement was signed in 1922.

Palestinians, especially those who are residents of Jerusalem, still find themselves hostage to laws and regulations that make their lives and livelihood precarious. Israelis find themselves subject to arbitrary attacks by the extremists on the Palestian side. It is impossible to understand the reality of what Palestinians call the occupation, without seeing exactly what daily life is like under the thumb of the Israeli Army and likewise for Israelis waiting for the next suicide bomber. Is there a solution?

Shot in Israel and the occupied West Bank, the documentary personalizes the on-going tensions between those who see themselves as weak and oppressed and, paradoxically, those who see themselves as victims since biblical times and who vow to never again to be vulnerable.

From the expressly stated wish for peace from a former Palestinian terrorist to an orthodox Jewish art teacher from California, who doesn’t comprehend why Palestinians need a state or ‘why they hate us’ ; Victims of Victims is an eye-opening, intimate glimpse of some of the realities behind the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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