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Restaurant Makeover

Country Available: Canada, USA

Restaurant Makeovers challenges two restaurant top guns to renovate, revamp, and re-launch local restaurants. The seasoned hot shots – renowned Chefs and Designers from around the country - have a week to overhaul the entire restaurant and the kitchen.

He’s the Governor General’s designer. She has cooked for Prince Charles. He has designed some of the most fabulous restaurants the city has to offer. She easily commands a team of 200 every night at the Four Seasons Hotel. Together they are hall of famers of design and food, having opened several restaurants to rave reviews - and they have the egos to match. So, what’s their next assignment? Turning a selection of local restaurants into IT spots that foodies will be lining up to test out.

Can the owners bite the bullet and go for this radical change? Is this what their customers really want? Are the designers intune with the average restaurant customer?

Restaurant Makeovers combines the international appeal of makeover stories with the universal love affair we all have with fine dining and the drama of an occasional disaster. They will redo the décor. Update and advance the menu. They’ll have to use every trick, pull out every stop. Cash in every favor and above all, get along in order to turn cafes, pubs, brasseries and diners into five star affairs in one week. The judges of their success are ultimately the owner, the regulars, and the city’s top food critic who really doesn’t care what state the restaurant was in at the beginning, but just cares that his experience that night is worthy of his endorsement.

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