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Secrets Of Archaeology

Country Available: Canada

Experience the cutting edge of archaeological exploration, as we explore these most celebrated & ancient sites. State of the art technology coupled with enhanced three dimensional graphics allow us to see them as only the original inhabitants could. The addition of high end location photography and insights of some of the world's leading archaeology experts enhance the reality.

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  • Grades 9-12
  • Subjects:
  • World History
  • World Civilization
  • Archaeology
  • Formats Available:
  • DVD
  • Title Availability
     A Place Called Etruria   Canada
     Ancient Cities Bordering On Latium   Canada
     Ancient Itinerary In Ionia   Canada
     At The Court Of The King Of Kings  Canada
     Athens: Western Splendor   Canada
     Cities Of The Sea And Wind   Canada
     Egypt According To Cleopatra   Canada
     Glorious Rome, Capital Of An Empire   Canada
     Greek Cities In Italy   Canada
     Greek Legacy In The West (Sicily)  Canada
     Pompeii: A City Rediscovered   Canada
     Pyramids Designed For An Eternity   Canada
     Retracing The Tracks Of Hannibal  Canada
     Roman Imprint On The West  Canada
     Sailing With The Phoenicians   Canada
     Secrets Of The Island Of Minos  Canada
     The Cities Of Pharaohs   Canada
     The Civilizations Of Heroes (The Mycenaeans)  Canada
     The Fabulous Centers Of Hellenism  Canada
     The Forgotten Civilizations on Anatolia  Canada
     The Lost Cities Of The Maya   Canada
     The Ports Of The Desert  Canada
     The Pyramids Of The Sun   Canada
     The Roads To El Dorado   Canada
     The Roman Empire In Africa   Canada
     Travels Through Greece  Canada
     Visit The Sanctuaries Of Apollo  Canada