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It’s just one word… but it is sexist, discriminative, and extremely powerful. Being labeled a ‘slut’ can destroy a woman’s self-perception, irrevocably tarnish her reputation and even drastically alter her destiny. The male equivalent – stud, player or stallion – though often equally fictitious, can be a ticket to respect and admiration. Slut explores the root of the word and traces its evolution through interviews with academics, feminists, physicians, and authors, as well as the women that were called “slut”. Even with the prevalence of today’s, booty-shaking videos and the numbing impact of Sex in the City, “slut” still has the power to insult and degrade like no other word in the English language. If words are to be banned based on the power to inflict harm, then slut should be near the top of the list. But the focus instead should be on how to remove the power from the word itself.

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  • Post Secondary
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  • Women's Studies
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