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20th Century Turning Points In US History DVD

Country Available: Canada

“This eight-part series, arranged in chronological fashion, highlights significant developments in science, art, politics, technology, and popular culture, providing a ‘clear overview of the people and events that distinguished the twentieth century.’ In the sampled Program One; 1900-1907, viewers learn how the Gold Standard Act influenced the economy and are introduced to the reforms sparked by the 1906 publication of Sinclair Lewis' The Jungle, among other topics. Straightforward narration accents the well-chosen visuals, including archival stilts, newsreel footage, political cartoons, and period movie clips. DVD chapters are clearly marked for easy access, making the series especially useful for students. Additional resources. Including maps, tests, guides, and documents, may be viewed or printed when the DVD is used in a computer.” -Booklist November 2004

20th Century Turning Points in U.S. History is an eight-part series designed to provide a clear overview of the people and events that distinguished the 20th century at specific points in time that were pivotal points in history. Rare archival footage and photographs, authentic recordings, and other primary source documents bring history to life, while stunning graphics and engaging narration lend context and clarity to the subject. The series has been developed specifically for classroom use. It is organized around established standards and thoughtfully divided into chapters, with each volume functioning as either a full-length program or as focused support for specific study areas.

The downloadable, 80 page, detailed Teacher's Guide has been prepared to aid the teacher in utilizing materials contained within the program. In addition to this introductory material, the guide contains: Suggested Instructional Notes, Student Learning Goals, Points for Teachers, Related Segments from other Turning Points and Internet Resources. The DVD also includes all pertinent historical documents of the period, maps and tests.

When the DVD's are played on a computer, Teacher's Guide, documents, maps and tests may be viewed on your monitor or printed.

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