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Move Your World

Country Available: Canada, USA
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  • Marie, Kourosh and Chaminda are regular Canadian teens who win a contest that sends them halfway across the globe to Tanzania, Africa! They team up with new Tanzanian friends, Kevin, Tibera, Sadiq and Elizabeth to savour the amazing sounds and smells of Dar es Salaam. An incredible safari…with mating lions? They’ve sure come a long way from Canada! But the real reason for this trip is a serious one: They’ve come to see for themselves the devastation caused by HIV/AIDS, especially on children’s lives. Outside of Dar es Salaam, they meet Angelina and Veronika – two little girls who are HIV-positive. They’re poor. They’re ignored by the government, their communities, even their own families. They are the forgotten faces of HIV/AIDS. Shaken by what they’ve seen, Marie, Kourosh and Chaminda return to Canada determined to move the world to action. This story will move your world, too.

    View a printer friendly version of this page...Awards:"Audience Choice Award For Featurettes" 2006 Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival For Children Copyright Date: 2006 Length: 56 minutes Library Audience:
  • General Interest
  • School Audience:
  • Secondary
  • Subjects:
  • Social Studies
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  • DVD