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“At the dawn of civilization, mankind was divided into two subspecies:
bosses and underlings...”

Bosses leads us through the unforgiving world of leaders and non-leaders, featuring the dark side of 9:00 to 5:00. It shows us the relationships, the give and take, the rules and the dynamics that occur between three successful bosses and their employees.

The first boss we meet is Ernie Feuchter, a hyperactive alpha male who, along with his wife Barb, operates Barb & Ernies Country Inn, a popular restaurant: Tense, loud and bossy, Ernie runs the establishment in a manner that recalls his days of working as a cook for the German army. Always on the move, Ernie has greeted his customers with the same shtick for three decades and he loves to hire teenagers with little or no experience, enabling him to forge them into underlings that will keep his restaurant exactly as he wants it. With Ernie the rules are strict! There are no excuses for hangovers. As he eloquently states, “We have a saying. He or she what can party can damn well work.”

The second boss is Eveline Charles, president of a chain of Eveline Charles Salon-Spas in Western Canada. A former small town hairdresser, Eveline is a demanding and controlling ruler of her empire, who brings her strong will, passion and drive to everything she does, from expanding her business to marathon running. Her cosmetic/hairstyling corporation employs over 280 underlings with three locations in Edmonton, three in Calgary and one in Vancouver. Here you will meet some of the most devoted underlings you could ever imagine. Her employees are true believers.

Our third boss is Gord Hunter, who runs Lennox Welding and Supply, a company that has grown for decades with the Alberta oil patch. Today we are in an era where a journeyman welder can walk around the corner and get hired instantly by another employer. So Hunter, who used to be known as ‘the screamer,’ has had to adjust his management style for economic reasons to avoid an exodus of underlings from the workplace. With an eye on retirement, Hunter himself says, “Once I was a bad boss, but I think I’m a better boss now.” However, he still thinks that it is okay to yell at employees. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Bosses shows each of the three leaders in a variety of situations, both in and away from the workplace environment. We see these captains of industry dealing with their underlings, their individual hiring processes and how they respond to those different crises - some minor and some major - that bosses have to contend with. And we discover what they think of underlings and what constitutes an ideal employee.

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