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Global Warming: Science and Solutions

Country Available: Canada

Our planet is warming; it’s significantly warmer in the 21st century than it was in the last third of the 20th century.  Indeed, four of the warmest years on record have occurred in this century.  This global warming is being forced by the unabated burning of fossil fuels pouring CO2 into the atmosphere ... And this warming appears to be forcing dramatic regional and worldwide climate shifts.  This series takes you through the Science of Global Warming and the Solutions.  We need only to trust the science and work together to implement these solutions...  solutions we can no longer afford to ignore.
Shot in Hi-Definition this series is presented and narrated by Erick Avari.

Documents of Interest
Chart - Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rise

Chart - Global Carbon Cycle
Chart - Oceanic Carbon Cycle
Chart - US National Gas Consumption...
Teacher's Guide - Blooming Thermometers
Teacher's Guide - Carbon Cycle
Teacher's Guide - Differences Between Weather & Climate
Teacher's Guide - Magnetic Sun
Teacher's Guide - Nitrogen Cycle
Teacher's Guide - Ocean and Atmosphere
Teacher's Guide - Past Climates...Records of Change
Teacher's Guide - Planet Magnet
Teacher's Guide - Sunspots and Climate
Teacher's Guide - Trees Recorders of Climate Change
Teacher's Guide - Understanding Climate & Climate Change
Teacher's Guide - Volcanic Contributions to Climate Change
Teacher's Guide - Where...the Glaciers Gone

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