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Coeur du singe, Le / The Monkey's Heart

Country Available: Canada, USA

An innovative tool for learning French through stories and string games

This is Volume 1 in the Anne Glover Raconte series for French education. In this unique hour-long video, Anne weaves a folktale, string figures, and sign language into a package so engaging that it will revolutionize the way your class or family approaches second language learning.

Based on a traditional tale about a crocodile on a mission to catch a monkey, Le Coeur du Singe is rich in French, yet accessible to all levels. The story is told in French as well as bilingually, making it applicable to a variety of educational settings ... and it's just plain fun, too!

Anne cleverly integrates French lessons with literature, theatre, sign language and string games. She inspires learners of all styles – auditory, visual and kinesthetic – in a program they cannot resist. Her many years in education and entertainment are evident in this multi-faceted program. The audience is captivated from beginning to end, so engrossed that they hardly realize they are learning French.

Le Coeur du Singe has enhanced my students’ learning on many levels. They clamour for it again and again, and every time I present it, they internalize the story more deeply, absorbing the vocabulary, the intonation and the rhythms of the French language. Anne’s program is brilliant. I look forward to every opportunity to use it in my classroom.”
-Melodie Cohen, Teacher

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Teacher's Guide (pdf)
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