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Heads Up! series 2

Country Available: Canada

Bob MacDonald

In this Heads Up, astronomy and astronautics take on a whole new and wondrous realm as Bob MacDonald  (Quirks and Quarks and Wonderstuck) explains and demonstrates complicated concepts in such a fun and logical way that all can understand.  He takes students beyond the basics of the Big Dipper and the Moon to introduce the magical content and practical context of our universe.  

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  • Youth and Adult
  • School Audience:
  • Grades 4 - 12
  • Subjects:
  • Science: Astronomy, Astronautics, Physics
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  • DVD
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     01. How Far Can We Go In Space?  Canada
     02. How Big Is The Earth?  Canada
     03. Is There Life On Other Worlds?  Canada
     04. What Happens When You Fall Into A Black Hole?  Canada
     05. How Does The Earth Move?  Canada
     06. Where Is The Centre Of The Universe?  Canada
     07. Do UFO's Really Exist?  Canada
     08. When Are We Going Back To The Moon?  Canada
     09. Where Do Stars Come From?  Canada
     10. How Can I Explore Space Now?  Canada
     11. When Can We take Holidays In Space?  Canada
     12. How Do You Drive A Space Robot?  Canada
     13. Do Other Planets Have Weather?  Canada