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Supreme Court, The

Country Available: Canada

The American Justice system has been one of the most celebrated in the world as fair, just and visionary. The American Supreme Court exemplifies this as diverse legal opinions form the core of decisions that define American justice.

The Supreme Court is known as the court of last resort - where nine judges appointed for life make monumental decisions that govern the everyday lives of Americans, from the contents of the nation’s daily newspapers to what they can do in the privacy of their own homes. With immense power and considerable mystery, the court of final
appeal has helped author the history of America. But even though it is one of the pillars of American democracy – the ultimate interpreter of the Constitution – no documentary series has ever fully profiled the inner workings of the court. Until now. By fusing history with biography, THE SUPREME COURT humanizes the enigmatic black-robed figures, revealing their temperaments, passions, deeply held personal beliefs, and life stories. The series also explores the dramatic stories of the people whose cases have come before the court, as well as the often controversial rulings that impact all Americans.

With President George Bush’s recent appointments of John G. Roberts Jr. to be chief justice of the United States, replacing the late William Rehnquist, and Samuel Alito as associate justice to replace the retired Sandra Day O’Connor, the Supreme Court has been in the spotlight, underscoring the importance of exploring the history, place and power of this fundamental American institution. The series does this by elucidating the shifting yet delicate balance between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the federal government. Numerous accounts highlight the complex and explosive collisions between the court and the presidency. Portraits of many key figures – presidents, justices, attorneys, plaintiffs, and defendants – illustrate how all Americans, both the powerful and the penniless, have been able to have their day in court, days that have sometimes resulted in lasting changes to their culture and society.

The series charts the court’s unique evolution, using archival footage and innovative graphic techniques to help audiences grasp complex legal concepts. Interviews with some of the greatest legal minds in the country as well as exclusive access to the court help personalize the justices while providing context to key decisions and hot-button issues of the day.

4 DVDs x 58 minutes each.

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     1. One Nation Under Law  Canada
     2. A New Kind Of Justice  Canada
     3. A Nation Of Liberties  Canada
     4. The Rehnquist Revolution  Canada