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DVD History Of The U.S. Constitution, The

Country Available: Canada
It is America’s most revered document and the result of a search for liberty and freedom. It resonates with the spirit of the times during which it was conceived and serves as a guide to an unknown and rapidly changing future. It is the document studied world over,  United States of America's Constitution.

Hosted by Jeff Fahey, this series is chaptered into 47, five to seven minute stand-alone presentations that can be accessed with unprecedented ease. The series features easy to use menus and includes comprehensive ancillary materials: teacher guides, maps, documents, test blanks, and Spanish and English subtitle options on every disc.

Documents of Interest:
Teacher's Guide - Historical Documents: The Bill of Rights; The Declaration of Independence; -The U.S. Constitution;  Amendments to the Constitution; Bush v. Gore 2000; Dred Scott v. Sanford 1857; Interstate Commerce Act 1887; Kelo et al. v. City of New London et al. 2005; Mapp v. Ohio, 1961; Marbury v. Madison 1803; Miranda v. Arizona 1964; Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896; Roe v. Wade 1973; Schenck v. U.S., 1919; The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut 1638; The Judiciary Act of 1879; The Militia Act of 1792; The South Carolina Ordinance of Secession, 1861
1. The Seeds of the Constitution
2. Founding the Constitution
3. Writing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
4. Testing the Constitution
5. The Constitution Survives
6. The Constitution is Expanded
7. The Constitution in a Changing World
8. Constitutional Reform and Controversy

8 X 28:00 on 4 DVDs; 2005; Series of 8 programs on 4 DVDs
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