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My Different Life

Country Available: Canada

An Intimate Portrait of Living with Learning Disabilities

A year in the life of a single mother of three, struggling for the educational rights of her learning disabled children.

Denise Difide is dealt a complex hand when she discovers that two of her children have significant learning disabilities. Determined that her children will be included in the slim percentage of those who graduate from school, she begins an exhaustive journey of hope.

Her struggle soon escalates as she learns that our system is overwhelmed and not adequately equipped, as her requests to have her children appropriately identified and accommodated within the school structure remain unmet.

She seeks out the support of a volunteer advocate and together they navigate the process with the hope of having her children granted access to the education they deserve.

My Different Life offers insight into the world of the learning disabled, illuminating the many hurdles they must overcome, the discrimination they face and the triumphs that can be achieved if parents and schools are afforded adequate support.

View a printer friendly version of this page...Copyright Date: 2007 Length: 52 minutes School Audience:
  • Grades 8-12
  • Post-Secondary
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Formats Available:
  • DVD