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H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) Safety

Country Available: Canada, USA
Three Minutes to Live 33 minutes
An unforgettable 33 minute colour film that pits hydrogen sulfide and death against human intelligence. Its plot is an intriguing one in which “Death” is personified as a black-cloaked motorcyclist. Hydrogen sulfide is an invisible vicious killer, represented entirely by a hidden voice. Both are foiled by the preparedness of industrial workers who have learned to protect themselves, their fellow workers and the public.

Not Another Hero 27 minutes
Hydrogen sulfide continues to be the number one oil and gas safety hazard - at the wellhead, along pipelines, in processing plants and refineries. It’s not simply an injury risk, it’s a fatal risk - an invisible, odourless killer. It affects the respiratory system immediately and without immediate help, death occurs in minutes. Not Another Hero presents the realities and dangers of H2S and information in an up-to-date story line. The second man in syndrome, high risk situations and instructive sequence on the proper wearing and use of breathing apparatus all contribute to give complete safety instruction for H2S in one 27 minute program.

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