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Great Warming: National Wildlife Federation Version, The

Country Available: Canada, USA

National Wildlife Federation

The World's scientists are in agreement: climate change is real and we are largely responsible. Earth's enlightened corporations, religious institutions, environmental and political leaders are in agreement - we must recognize our moral responsibility to be stewards of the Earth today and for all future generations.

National Wildlife Federation Version.
For the first time in history, we are nearing the tipping point in an ecological crisis that could see wholesale loss of wildlife populations and profound changes to our outdoor way of life. an the enclosed featurette, National Wildlife Federation highlights the threats to wildlife from global warming.

National Wildlife Federation is America's conservation organization protecting wildlife for our children's future. NWF represents more than four million members and supporters throughout the United States, including 47 affiliated state and territorial conservation organizations. National Wildlife Federation has three principal goals; Provide Solutions to Global Warming, Protect and Restore Wildlife Habitat, and Connect People with Nature. Our signature children's publication, Ranger Rick, is an American icon that heralds the joy and wonder of wildlife in our backyards and throughout the world.

To learn how you can help protect wildlife, please go to

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