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How To Make The Dog

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Remember playing Cat s Cradle with a piece of yarn?  Around the world and through the ages, people have been playing with string, creating shapes inspired by the world around them. Storyteller Anne Glover uses these string figures in her performances across the continent, and in recent years has been teaching them to groups of up to 500 people at a time.  She s seen the effect strings have on all ages, and on communities as a whole in this electronic age, and has now released a DVD with instructions on making string figures.

How to Make the Dog and Other Favourite String Tricks begins with the basics: what kind of string to use, and how to use it safely.  From there, one learns a dozen shapes, starting with nice easy ones and moving up to the complex ones (like the little dog, an Inuit figure and a show-stopper: the dog actually runs from one hand to the other!).

This DVD works well with children (over age 6) and adults, too.  Glover repeatedly hears of children whose reading improves as they learn the string tricks, and adults whose memory improves.  Interestingly, the string manipulation requires the use of muscles on the back of the hands, which in our everyday activities are under-worked, leading to tightness on the palmer side as we grow older.  The traditional cultures of the world weren t just playing games with their strings, they were keeping their minds and hands nimble!

Glover finds that for learning string figures, a DVD is second only to one-on-one instruction. How to Make the Dog includes slow-motion repeats as well as different camera angles to help the learner, and each step can be repeated as many times as necessary. She has seen that for every five minutes of watching this DVD, children will spend literally hours practising, teaching others, and inventing new string tricks.

You did a SUPER JOB! -- the best ever in my humble opinion. You've set a new standard -- congratulations!
            --Mark Sherman (International String Figure Association)

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